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The VISTA program at Literacy KC mirrors Literacy KC’s approach to illiteracy as a whole; just as Literacy KC works to address illiteracy through a concentration on literacy in the traditional sense as well as health literacy, financial literacy, and digital literacy, the VISTA program at Literacy KC takes a holistic approach to illiteracy and ultimately poverty in the Kansas City metropolitan area. The VISTA members at Literacy KC and the sub-sites that it manages take a more collaborative and cohesive approach to building their service sites’ capacity to help their clients improve their lives and combat poverty in the Kansas City metropolitan area. Members of the VISTA program at Literacy KC develop a productive relationship with each other, while their service sites collaborate with each other to ultimately better leverage community assets and enable the organizations to provide increased and improved services to their clients.


Front Desk Receptionist

February 2016 - February 2017 Kansas City, MO


June 2019 - September 2019 Kansas City, MO
“I liked the culture of Literacy KC, it's like a family. Everyone is super nice and willing to help you. Also, it's a nonprofit, so you're working towards a great cause. ”
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