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Below are possible organizations with which students can apply to intern, depending upon their specific interests:

Sunday June 8-Friday July 31. Paid internship for 30 hours a week for 8 weeks. housing included. Click "Middlebury College FoodWorks Fellowship Program" tab for program details.

Internship Title: Addison County Farmacy Project Intern
Organization: ACORN (Addison County Relocalization Network)
Internship Title: Integrated Duck and Rice Farming Intern
Organization: Boundbrook Farm
Organization: Treleven
Internship Title: Farm Assistant/Community Liaison

Internship Title: Knoll Summer Intern
Organization Middlebury College Knoll Location: Middlebury

COMPENSATION:  This internship includes paid housing, in addition to the $2640 stipend. If you are offered and accept this internship, please be aware that you will be required to complete the funded internship paperwork. 
For more information contact Sophie Esser Calvi, FoodWorks Director,

Apply to FoodWorks through Handshake by uploading your resume, application cover letter, and transcript.

For more information contact Sophie Esser Calvi, FoodWorks Director,

See Internship descriptions below. Once accepted to program, please send up to 3 cover letters with resume to She will submit them to the employers who will reach out to you for interviews. You must secure a position to be enrolled in the program. Internships fill up on a first come first serve basis.

Internship Title: Addison County Farmacy Project Intern
Organization: ACORN (Addison County Relocalization Network)
Location: Middlebury
Internship Description: Addison County Farmacy Project (ACFP)
Our goal is to connect families in the Porter Medical Center and Mountain Health Center service areas, facing food insecurity and diet-related illness, with a health care provider’s prescription for a local farm share of fruits and vegetables, supplemented with nutrition and cooking education.
Qualifications/Skills Needed:
The intern will provide assistance to participating medical practices for the purposes of communication, planning, assessment and logic coordination between practices, patients, and farms. The intern will provide assistance to education staff and programs for the purposes of communication, planning and logic coordination between patients, educators, and participating facilities. The intern will assist in writing and submitting to media outlets at least one (1) press releases. The intern will work with the ACORN media coordinator to insure the ACFP advertises via posters, post cards, social media and other media outlets. The intern will assist the ACRP coordinator to develop an agenda and participate in monthly meetings of the ACFP Advisory Committee. The intern will research other like programs and submit a report suggesting sustainable models to the ACORN Executive Director. The intern will submit a final report to the Executive Director of ACORN articulating what went well, what could be improved and suggestions for change
Does the intern need a car? A car would be helpful but not necessary.
Can the student reach the office through carpooling, bike, or public transportation? Yes.
The intern will have to provide their own computer.
Please address cover letter to Lynn Coal

Internship Title: Integrated Duck and Rice Farming Intern
Organization: Boundbrook Farm, LLC Website:
Location: Monkton
 Boundbrook Farm specializes in the cultivation of Japanese rice using a modern variant of an ancient method that encloses hundreds of ducks in rice paddies for fertilization and weed control. 2019 will be our tenth season growing rice in the Champlain Valley. We have six acres of rice paddies and use a variety of manual and mechanized techniques, some of them with specialized imported equipment, for fieldwork and maintenance. We market our rice under the "Vermont Ecologically Grown" label and use chemicals very sparingly in our operation. Our methodology is largely informed by learning and borrowing from the established and successful Japanese tradition of "aigamo," (duck-rice farming), and we rely heavily on mentoring connections to practicing aigamo farmers in Japan. 
Internship Description: The internship period begins at the same time as the busy part of our growing season. In early June we are busy preparing fields and transplanting rice from the nursery to the paddies. By mid June we are preparing to add ducklings to the crop. By early July the crop will be fully established and ducks must be monitored and managed daily, but the intensity of the work begins to level off. By the end of the internship period, the plants will have grown to such a degree that weeds can't compete, and a successful harvest is fairly certain!
FoodWorks interns report to and work directly with Erik Andrus, farm owner. Typical duties include: helping load and unload, refuel and drive work vehicles, transplanting rice by hand and by machine, repairing earthworks with hand tools, putting up or repairing nylon net / electric duck fence, operating irrigation system, pulling weeds by hand or by machine, tending to hundreds of ducklings (food, water, shelter provisions, etc) at various growth stages, mowing grass with hand tools and machines, side projects including infrastructure repairs and upgrades (barns, sheds, and work areas) and hay production.
Qualifications desired: Work during the FoodWorks term is fairly intense, and calls for a candidate who is okay with sun, wind, muscle strain, muddy feet, insect bites, and so on. Super strength is not necessary but endurance, character, aptitude at learning new things, ability to maintain a positive attitude are very important. Beyond that, most important skills are trainable, but some general facility with tools, and any background in horticulture, husbandry ecology and/or soil science are all desirable. Any candidates that fulfill these criteria and have a serious interest in a career in agriculture will be given priority.
Is Car needed? Yes
Please address cover letter to Erik Andrus

Internship Title: Farm Assistant/Community Liaison
Organization: Treleven, Inc .  Location: New Haven, Vermont

is dedicated to connecting people with the land, the spirit, and one another. Treleven has a commercial flock of sheep, acres of forest-land and raises vegetables, fruits, flowers, and herbs. We host educational programs and help to connect farms with local education and social service communities. Treleven supports food related programs for the young families of the Addison County Parent/Child Center. It also provides the learning “campus” for the Wren’s Nest forest Pre-school. 
Internship Description: Support all operations: sheep husbandry, rotational grazing, hay production, garden/orchard work and the interrelations of farm and forest. Help develop weekly farm and forest groups for families with young children, farmer gatherings and master classes. Help connect other local farms with service organizations. Work with the Parent/Child Center to promote food literacy for limited income families, including food service program assistance, garden and greenhouse work, and the composting program. Help the children at Wren’s Nest Forest pre-school to learn about food and gardening, and maintain the garden when the school is not in session.
Qualifications/Skills Needed: Enthusiasm, good organizational skills, ability to work outdoors and lift 35 pound bales of hay, social media skills, and ability to relate well to all ages. The ideal intern will also enjoy cooking for crowds, working with young children, have some basic knowledge of child and family development, and an interest in policy issues.
Is car required? The Parent/Child Center is within walking distance of Weybridge House, but it is very difficult to get to the farm without a car.
Please address cover letter to Cheryl Mitchell

Internship Title: Knoll Summer Intern
Organization Middlebury College Knoll
Location: Middlebury
Position Description: Mission of the Program: The Knoll is dedicated to cultivating well-being of people, place, and the planet. The Knoll is comprised of the Educational Garden, the Outdoor Kitchen and the Serenity Garden. The Educational Garden’s 1 acre is used for growing food and student/faculty research. Our goals are to test theories and develop techniques that move us toward sustainability, regeneration and resilience. Interns join in the yearly cycle of food production and regeneration. Interns will help plant, cultivate, harvest and sell garden produce and flowers wholesale and retail. They serve to welcome visitors and alumni to lead tours and describe our mission. They will also receive training to use the pizza oven and host events co-sponsored by campus partners. The Serenity Garden is in the process of being designed to incorporate perennial plants. Interns interested in mindfulness will be able to work on bringing workshops or events to The Knoll.
On-site responsibilities:
• With support of the Food & Garden Educator, carry out the sowing, transplanting, cultivating, harvesting and sales of the Educational Garden.
• Collaborate with staff at Middlebury Dining Services, Weybridge House, Dolci, and other local partnerships to develop orders and delivery of produce.
• Work with HOPE, our local food shelf, to grow and deliver food for the community.
• Participate in Work Days/Parties with volunteers and working with the pizza oven for community events.
• Attend MCOF (student org) meetings during the academic year to act as a liaison between The Knoll and the student group.
• Attend workshops when possible at The Knoll.
• Participate in the seed trials, seed saving, and faculty or student research programs at The Knoll.
• Maintain tools and equipment in proper condition.
• Follow safety procedures for all workers and volunteers.
• Participate in a rotating weekend greenhouse/garden watering schedule.
• (Possible) Set up and run on campus retail booth.
• Participate in scheduled visits to local farms for observation, tours and joint projects and partnerships.
• Support public relations initiatives with the college and local community.
• Perform other duties as assigned.
General Responsibilities:
Time Commitment: Approximately 30 hours per week for 15 or 16 weeks (beginning May 22 or May 28) and ending September 8. Due to weather and the season’s needs, occasional additional hours may be requested. Some weekend hours are also expected. Interns may take up to two weeks of vacation time (schedule to be determined with supervisor).
This year, as with last year, Knoll interns are part of the FoodWorks program, a cohort of food related internships combined with food systems field trips. Domestic student Knoll Interns receive a stipend for free housing in Weybridge House for the 8 weeks of the FoodWorks program. Interns are responsible for paying for housing in Weybridge House the remaining weeks of the summer.

If you desire to experience the entire farm season cycle you are encouraged to apply for the spring/fall internship as well.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: Qualifications
• Dedication and enthusiasm for learning about all aspects of a sustainably-managed garden and food production.
• Willingness and ability to perform varying physical tasks in all weather conditions. Farm/garden labor can be strenuous, repetitive, and physically demanding. All reasonable accommodations will be made, and a willingness to participate as a part of a team is critical.
• Please note, the Knoll is not currently an ADA-accessible site.

Is car needed: No, you can walk or bike to the Knoll
Address cover letter to Megan Brakeley