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Immunotherapy Research Technician

POSITION SUMMARY: Our ultimate goal is to develop new cures for cancer patients by modifying immune cells. CAR T-cell therapy has dramatically improved the long term survival of relapsed/refractory leukemia patients, demonstrating that we can achieve new levels of cure for aggressive and otherwise terminal cancers using this strategy. We are specifically working to extend this technology to a wider range of cancers. The laboratory focuses on designing and cloning novel CARs, introducing them into T cells and other immune cells, and testing their efficacy against solid tumors (currently pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, glioblastoma, and prostate cancer).

ABOUT THE POSITION: Since the CAR T cell field is quickly expanding and is very competitive, we are seeking highly motivated individuals who are passionate and dedicated to developing these new cancer therapies. The position entails working with a small and dedicated group in the fields of immunology and cancer biology. The successful candidate will have relevant educational and practical experience in the laboratory, preferably with immunology, cell culture, or molecular biology experience. This role requires a high level of self-motivation, responsibility, and dedication to quickly gain new skills. The candidate must be capable of working independently as well as in a team environment.

QUALIFICATIONS: The applicant should have a passion for doing basic science research with the potential to impact human disease, and a BA or equivalent, obtained or expected within the next year. The applicant should also have experience doing basic science research. Ideally this would include experience with molecular biology, tissue culture, bacterial culture, PCR, and/or cloning techniques. Immunology experience is a plus. Genome engineering experience is a plus.

DUTIES: Assisting with setting up and running experiments, which may involve cloning, DNA preparation, mouse tumor work, genetic modification of immune cells, tissue culture with immune cells and tumor, microscopy, and general lab maintenance. These skills can be taught.

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