Does anybody know the typical compensation for a Solution Specialist at Verizon Wireless?

Does anybody know the typical compensation for a Solution Specialist at Verizon Wireless?
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Former Solution Specialist at Verizon Wireless

over 2 years ago
Verizon Solution Specialists begin at $15.85 per hour plus commission. Corporate Verizon hires Full Time Only. During my time there, we were told that Part-Time can be given but the whole district of Los Angeles County, Orange County, and San Bernardino Stores never had a single part-time employee. The commission structure is based on a "score system." Each month it changes but on the average, if you can sell 45 new lines (regular or business including tablets, smart watches, etc) you will received a commission of $850.00 automatically at the end of the month. After you reach your new lines goal, you will be required to make on the average 40 upgrades. After you reach your upgrades goal, your commission will go up to over $1200.00 and anything you make after that continues to add to your commission. There is something called "Windfall" where if you make about $3,000 in commission you will not be earning anything more than that but you will be given incentives like vacation trips etc. Regardless, the $15.85 with 48 hours a week guaranteed plus commission is definitely an amazing pay job especially for those with no college education. I was the youngest at my location (24 years old) with the majority in their 30s or 40s. I must add that the benefits are amazing. Paid-Vacation, Paid-Sick Days, PPO insurance with your choice of a provider. Discounts to many locations. Bilingual bonus pay. Monthly outings and BBQ's, They even have something called "Ramp-Up" for new employees that are barely starting and don't reach commission yet. Ramp-up gives new employees commission without even reaching their goals for the first 3 months. Meaning each new employee will receive the $850.00 commission per month for 3 months if they don't reach their goal. After 3 months, you are expected to reach your target goal.
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